Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm alive!!

Dorm living does not give way to crafting. This I have learned, age 23, summer 2009.

I am severely bogged down by classes these days. Truthfully, I'm learning that I should never have taken a summer job. Not that it isn't fun, because it (sometimes) is, and it's really fun pretending I'm in college all over again, but my academics have definitely suffered to due having a job. So, as you can see, crafting is pretty low on the totem pole these days.

Although, on the bright side, I PASSED BOTH PRAXIS II'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, all that worrying was for naught. Who knew? :)

Two more weeks left of summer, then I'm jetsetting to Texas for three weeks (remember those place mats I was supposed to be bringing with me? ha.), and THEN I should be returning to my normal, nerdy, seamstress self. I WILL (I promise) be uploading some recipes during my trip. That beautiful kitchen of Art's, man I just can't stay out of it!!! :)