Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's autumn in my kitchen Part 1 - Kara's Squash Stuff

So, I got this idea in my head. I wanted to experiment with some of my favorite flavors of fall. This was for a few reasons: 1, I like to experiment with cooking, 2, I'm a little bit crazy, and 3, I live near a delightful farmer's market and I wanted to support the local economy.

I invited my friend Kara over and we attacked. I'm going to turn them into several posts because detailing all of the stuff we made would get overwhelming. And I prefer to just be whelmed.

Just to give you a taste of what's to come, this is what we looked like neck-deep in our day of cooking. I'm not sure why I look like a demon. But yes, that is a deep fryer, in delightful 1970s olive green.

So, today, I bring you Kara's baby. It has no name. It's the "squash stuff" she heard about at work.

Let me tell you why Kara is my friend. It's because, when I invite her over at 3 p.m. to cook, she brings this:

I wish you wouldn't wonder if we drank the whole bottle.

Anywho, the beginning of Kara's Squash Stuff has to do with an acorn squash. They are called this because they look like acorns.

It is written.

If you cut the acorn in half horizontally, the two sides will look like flowers. If you slice it from stem to stern, as Kara prefers, you'll get this:

Like you would with any squash, get the guts out. I tried to get Kara to let me save the seeds and bake them, but she wouldn't let me. So, to get her back, I snapped this photo:

Hahaha. That's me getting the last laugh.

Place the two halves in a baking dish and preheat the oven to 350. Or 375. Or 500. Whatever you are feeling.

In each halve, add some brown sugar. Not a specific amount of brown sugar, just some. Kara doesn't like to measure either. Another reason she is my friend.

Next: some pancake syrup. Kara used the fake corn syrupy stuff, and it offended me. When you make this, use pure maple for Pete's sake.

How about some butter next. Because butter's better.

Is that a slogan?! I just made that up. It's a shame my fantastic marketing skills will forever be lots on middle schoolers.

Once this is all in there, mix it up and spread it out along the flesh of the squash.

You know what would be amazing on this too? Cinnamon. Apple pie spice. Nutmeg. Use your imagination, folks.

Bake until the sides look brown, about 40 minutes. Once it cools a little, separate the flesh from the skin and enjoy!

Or, if it were me, I'd just fork the stuff into my face right from the squash. But that's me. I'm uncouth. I have no manners. I'm banned from the city of Chattanooga.

This would make an outstanding side dish for Thanksgiving. But I don't have to tell you that. You've all had Thanksgiving dinner. Unless you're English. In that case, sorry about that whole Revolutionary War thing.