Monday, April 20, 2009


So, some bittersweet news...

The Stitching Post, the big sewing store in Cross Point, is closing :(. It was definitely my favorite place for fabrics, even though it has less of a selection than some other fabric stores around here. The ladies there helped me make my very first quilt, and I took a beginner quilting class there that was such a great value for something like $10. I'm very sad.

HOWEVER, they are having a huge sale starting Wednesday on EVERYTHING... up to 50% off!! I'm very excited that Wednesdays are my non-busy days so that I can go right at 9 when they open... this is very convenient for my upcoming projects!! I will definitely be stocking up on all sorts of sewing things... I better go make sure my credit card is paid off and raring to go before then!! ;)

I'm supposed to take a statistics test that day, but I'm thinking I'll reschedule for Friday morning instead (it's an online class, so we can go take the tests whenever we like) so I can go fabric and notion crazy. Will be posting pictures of what I come home with!! <3