Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hemming 101

So, a friend of mine recently asked me to hem her bridesmaid dress for the wedding I went to last weekend.

I said sure, because I do things like that. I have a guilt complex.

The bridesmaid dress was polyester, but that stiff bridesmaid-y material, which I have never worked with. Actually, little did my friend know that this was my first hem ever.

So, I took to my #1 resource, the Internet. God love the Internet. There was a rolled hem tutorial that walked me step-by-step on how to hem such a thing, and it worked out perfectly.

Here's the before picture, of my friend standing in the dress once my mom and I pinned it up:

The next step was to take the pinned edge and measure and mark 5/8 in. up and pin and press on that new line, then stitch. Trim the excess, roll down 5/8 in., stitch, done!

Here's my pinning:

And here you can see that I pinned on the wrong side, so I had to take the pins out verrrrrry carefully while I stitched!

Here's the finished product, all hanging up and ready to go!!!

Nobody at the wedding noticed it was a totally homemade hem, which was obviously my goal!

This was the only sewing I did before the Praxis, so I'm glad it was simple!