Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm alive.

I just have no free time. At all. Ever.

I'm fairly certain that I'm still getting married on time... but you know that feeling when you feel like you forgot something, then as soon as you get to work you realized you forgot, like, your underwear? That's how I feel.

I've never forgotten my underwear. But I feel like it's possible, especially with my current burnout.

So, craft news:
- I got a job! (Not craft news, but because of said job, I can afford fabric and other things) For all interested parties, it's 7th grade math. I honestly can't imagine anything else I would rather do. I love seventh graders and I love teaching math. The end.
- I have been documenting delicious meals with my camera, just have had no time to post. Check back in June. ;)
- I have lots of pictures of handmade things I did for the wedding. Again, June.
- Because there is no fabric store in Del Rio (the sewing section at Wal-Mart does not count), I'm on a mission to find affordable online fabric stores. Suggestions welcome!
- I have a craft room in the house and Del Rio. It's confirmed. There is currently a person living in it, but unless he wants to become Dupree he will relocate one of these days.

I just wanted everyone to know I haven't neglected my crafting on purpose, I'm just so consumed with school right now I think I might completely freak out if I'm assigned one more thing in my life. I will have my teaching certificate in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS, so after that, give me another week to get married (small errand), about a month to have an emotional breakdown and buildup about the overabundance of change in my life, and then I will return. I don't start working until August, so I will have lots of time and energy for fun things. And I'll have the kitchen of my dreams, which will also encourage activity. Oh, life is good good good.