Friday, May 15, 2009

Make that a large hiatus...

So, I took a placement math test today at the community college, thinking that I would sail right through considering, you know, that I want to teach math?

Well, I did NOT do as well as I would have thought. In fact, I didn't do well at all. I got through maybe beginning algebra and beginning geometry, and then pretty much bombed the rest. As you can imagine, this has been quite upsetting, because I'm taking the Praxis test in about four weeks, so panic has ensued.

Unfortunately, this means NO sewing until after the Praxis. I really need all the spare time I have to study and to prepare for this exam. If, in a world gone mad, I do have time to squeeze in a recipe or a few stitches, you will be the first to hear about it! I take the exam on June 13, and the wedding is the 19th, so the dress must be finished between those times. Since I only have a few stitches on the skirt to do, I think this shouldn't be a problem.

So anyway, adios for now (Oh, that's right, I'm also supposed to be learning Spanish right now... WHO do I think I AM when I sign up for these things?!??!)... but I will return! :)