Monday, May 4, 2009

That was fast!!

Man, this dress is coming together!!!

As I said yesterday, I almost finished the dress top, all that was left was the band that fits right under the bust. Well I did that today!! And I had some extra time this evening so I cut the skirt as well!! I'm so so so in LOVE with my yellow fabric!!

All I have to do now is stitch the three dress seams, do some gathering and then attach it to the bodice, then hem, and I'm DONE!!! Oh, and attach the hidden zipper. I have a feeling that is going to be a bear. But it's only MAY 4!! I have an entire month before I have to wear this dress!! I'm very excited.

I start training for my job tomorrow, and then I move into the dorms at school (ha!) on Sunday so I will have significantly less time to sew. Plus I have to allow my brother to have a bedroom come Memorial Day, so I have to halt the projects momentarily.

It was a good day for dress making!! :)